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Causeway Rebels, mixin’ with the Trebles


February 5, 2016 | No comments

…much like this time last year, RADAR evolved (evolution of audience is a nice way to describe it I think, not devolved…) into a riot when the North coast troop took to the stage, a set that defined their continued tightening into some form of efficient audience destroying monster.

As each gig progresses the number of voices shouting back every line of their lyrics at them is steadily increasing.

Proud to see it happen.

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This weekend saw the tenth birthday of the Glasgowbury Music Festival, an event that transcended all expectations with some absolutely amazing music and an atmosphere to rival any festival in the world. There is a massive amount I could write about at this stage, particularly in terms of the sheer level of social interaction and good will present within the gathering of the Northern Irish music community – but for now, I’ll let it all simmer and let the pictures do the talking.

Personal sonic highlights for me were The Rupture DogsMore Than Conquerors (who I must thank profusely for the dedication on their last song), Colenso Parade – then on to easily the best gig I’ve ever been to… And So I Watch You From Afar’s (worst kept) secret show in the G-Sessions tent – Team Fresh (who I was so proud to see blow the audience away), MojoFURYNot Squares, Cashier No.9, Pocket Billiards, LaFaro and finally the massive Fighting With Wire.

…and there are many more that could be mentioned, it was without a doubt a show of epically talented musical force.

Obviously a full set of photos is a step round the corner at this stage (I do sleep, sometimes), but here are a few teasers to show off what everyone not in attendance missed out on.

Rory Friers, rock on you audio soldier!

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Oh, there is a pun in there – it wouldn’t be me without a really naff pun.

Shooting ‘hip-Chops-rap-rock’ super band Team Fresh at the weekend has given me the perfect example around which to discuss the idea of progression in a loose manner to kick start my Monday. From day one when I first saw them at A Little Solidarity I was very into the idea of using flash quite frequently – trying to freeze out their jumps and general antics.

Shouting visually as such in my eyes ‘here they are’…

…and as the time has sauntered on I’ve dropped into being more unfixed; through a mixture of their own growth, my own personal comfort with their body ‘rhymes and rhythms’ (ah, there’s another pertinent bit of verbal jousting) and perhaps most importantly how I actually wish to portray them.

There’s no need to shout visually in my mind with Team Fresh any more, it seems almost childlike and brutally deliberate doing it with them in comparison with other bands. You lose the impact flash can bring when it is used sparingly, if at all. It is there to see quite clearly what they are about, so to try and emulate the same life that they have on stage within my work seems just.

Something low-fi, something underground even…blurry, gradual and imperfect.

…that said, I may go out to their next gig and go back to what it was I did previously – just to see if there isn’t anything that can be milked from that particular style – anything new that could be brought to the table with this new direction in mind. Maybe evolving the two ideas into each other to gain a foothold on yet another, more effective style of showing up what it is that they do so well.

Behind all of the music, and each one of the people involved – the story of what has gone into this band is truly something special. All of the economic, emotional and social ingredients are there, most of them hung out for all to see in their music – if you’re listening at all that is.

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