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A Northern Light

Much sleep is needed post Tanglewood, so hopefully for now these two teasers (one below of Gerry Norman of A Plastic Rose) will ease the visual cortices of those currently interested.

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Omar Ben Hassine

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A Northern Light

Down in The Cellar Bar, Draperstown for their second outing at the home of the Glasgowbury Music Festival.

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Gerry Norman & Omar Ben Hassine

…celebrating the football season.

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Omar Ben Hassine

…it’s Good Friday, that means ‘pandamonium’ is on the cards.

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Colm Laverty & Omar Ben Hassine

Backstage with A Northern Light, at their new mini-album launch on Friday just past.

Animal Disco, Auntie Annies

…well, there certainly was an ostrich and a panda present if only to facilitate us other animals to join the party..

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Originally posted over at A Northern Light /


The Right Thing To Do / Promotional Piece

Have you ever wanted to see how I actually work?


It’s either hilariously stupid, or stupidly hilarious. Make up your own mind based on the following.

The following is a video of A Northern Light planning, preparing and recording their latest album as well as our session at the Oh Yeah! Centre shooting their recent promotional material.

…and yes, I am rolling on the ground like a cat to calm them down. Or to calm me down…em.

…don’t ask why, I’ve no fucking idea.

It just seemed like ‘The Right Thing To Do’.

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I’ve decided that it is about (deserved) time that A Northern Light got a rightful page on my site to accompany the other truly fucking epic collections of musical hallions that I spend the majority of my time in the presence of.

I’m still working through the backlog but in the meantime here are a pair of photos of them rocking out at RADAR.

…that Colm boy is looking mighty tasty these days. Who knows when he may don’ this long coat we’ve been hearing about and try to convert himself completely into a mild parody of Jonny Greenwood.

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It’s been a long day, but there is still time to post up another two teasers…

…there are a set of photos full of proper big ass, brash colours on the way.

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…spent some time in the sun with A Northern Light today.

*warning, I am hanging together after today’s early start, vibrant news, flurry of communication and then this shoot*

So, went for a very specific styling with this shoot, did it work?

Who the fuck cares really (only half joking as it has been one hell of a month and the monster of sleep is upon me like the devil himself) – the entire aim was a throw back to the mid-nineties awesomeness of the Britpop era imagery (OasisSupergrass etc…). So hopefully it did, as I love that period of photography.

Simple, sharp wash photos – was very careless, haphazard and full of balls. Visual commercialism in its budding infancy you could very well say.

Time for a little break listening to some good music, and then back to the emails, the photos and the whirlwind.

So, the MTV European Music Awards are coming to Belfast then eh? Fucking lethal.

…and of course I care.

Caring is my thing.

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