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…no, really.

Just think about that for a moment. Good joke right? A little giggle.

Or the potential to use the internet to its fullest extent to drive up the audience for local music – and if by chance, by some glorious piece of luck, our little open offer of one hell of a fucking show here in Belfast this November at the MTV European Music Awards, and preceding festivities (of which there will be many, from festivals through individual gigs, art events, exhibitions and everything in between) reaches the ears of Mr. Sheen

All the better.

Our message is this.

“Mr. Sheen, Charlie, come on over here and have some fun. See what we have to offer, listen to our music and if you like what you hear, can you help us share the love – I promise you we are after something good. A win as you so aptly put it.

Music can change the world, let’s change it.”

So Charlie, what do you say? I’ve even went to the trouble of creating a Facebook event and everything to get the hopes up of many that you’ll come…

Let’s Get Charlie Sheen To The Belfast MTV Awards, Go!

…and, maybe if we get ‘Charlie Sheen’ to see just what sort of tiger-blood we have in our souls here in Northern Ireland he can help us tell the rest of the world too? Along the road to Charlie, we could see how many other ears our message falls upon.

Or it could just be a nice stroke of internet humour that will brighten up your morning.

So, let’s get Charlie Sheen to the Belfast MTV European Music Awards!

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…spent some time in the sun with A Northern Light today.

*warning, I am hanging together after today’s early start, vibrant news, flurry of communication and then this shoot*

So, went for a very specific styling with this shoot, did it work?

Who the fuck cares really (only half joking as it has been one hell of a month and the monster of sleep is upon me like the devil himself) – the entire aim was a throw back to the mid-nineties awesomeness of the Britpop era imagery (OasisSupergrass etc…). So hopefully it did, as I love that period of photography.

Simple, sharp wash photos – was very careless, haphazard and full of balls. Visual commercialism in its budding infancy you could very well say.

Time for a little break listening to some good music, and then back to the emails, the photos and the whirlwind.

So, the MTV European Music Awards are coming to Belfast then eh? Fucking lethal.

…and of course I care.

Caring is my thing.

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