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Pocket Billiards

April 10, 2011 | No comments

Pocket Billiards

September 25, 2010 | No comments

This weekend saw the tenth birthday of the Glasgowbury Music Festival, an event that transcended all expectations with some absolutely amazing music and an atmosphere to rival any festival in the world. There is a massive amount I could write about at this stage, particularly in terms of the sheer level of social interaction and good will present within the gathering of the Northern Irish music community – but for now, I’ll let it all simmer and let the pictures do the talking.

Personal sonic highlights for me were The Rupture DogsMore Than Conquerors (who I must thank profusely for the dedication on their last song), Colenso Parade – then on to easily the best gig I’ve ever been to… And So I Watch You From Afar’s (worst kept) secret show in the G-Sessions tent – Team Fresh (who I was so proud to see blow the audience away), MojoFURYNot Squares, Cashier No.9, Pocket Billiards, LaFaro and finally the massive Fighting With Wire.

…and there are many more that could be mentioned, it was without a doubt a show of epically talented musical force.

Obviously a full set of photos is a step round the corner at this stage (I do sleep, sometimes), but here are a few teasers to show off what everyone not in attendance missed out on.

Rory Friers, rock on you audio soldier!

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Pocket Billiards

June 27, 2010 | No comments

Ok, I yield – Pocket Billiards are so fucking awesome that I just can’t help but go back on what I said.

Don’t you just love double negatives…and the total lack of value in word.

…from the beast in the corner to the monkey in your mind, there once was a saying, that the deaf hear the silence and the seers lead the blind – but Pigstock was amazing and so follows in kind, a moment of regret, should you not have been there.

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