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Only in a world were the most arrogant species on the planet had the audacity to claim land for its own over its own kind, and that of others – thus creating countries – could the idea of being proud of one’s national heritage become such a political power tool of injustice.

I’m all for being proud of national events, such as in sport, or of a unified perseverance against adversity – however despite my perhaps flippant use of the phrase “I’m happy and proud to be from Northern Ireland” – which, I genuinely am in my own rather simple way – it matters little against the bullshit and atrocities that have been committed in her name.

I like being from here because of the people I know, the mild weather and our humour – not to mention the accent.

Our history has nothing to do with it, because it is not my history – and I can tell you now that it is not your history either. It belongs to your parents and their parents, and so on.

Much like the British National Party’s (name if you want to make a start somewhere) pride in their country – any nationalism could well lay claim to being the most utterly stupid use of broad stroke ‘community’ that ever has or will exist.

“Our country is a great nation because of what it has accomplished in the past!” – yes, I am sure it is.

Although (to generalise) every other country – for eternity – will disagree with you because the concept is fundamentally broken, much like religion, politics and public relations. We invented them long before we really knew what we were getting into.

…I feel like most people don’t realise that we, and not Earth itself, or some deity, drew all the little lines and borders all over this planet, and that they have moved drastically over the last two thousand years alone.

So who am I to truly champion if I were so inclined?

…certainly not Britain, nor even the Romans.

Perhaps I should just accept that the mess of drawn lines and stolen ownership we created in our innate greed so many years ago is just another example of our appetite for creation before understanding.

Being honest, I admire anyone who has the man-stones to stand up and speak their opinions on such a public forum as Question Time – for all his faults Nick Griffin certainly has passion; because he must have known what he was walking into. His passion however is not what people question him on, and with the volatile and corruptible filter that is ‘politics’ in the frame, I would have to question what Griffin’s true opinion started out as, and how far it has been guided and warped by that of the political forum.

…perhaps it was indeed driven by a want to improve the populace of England (let’s not be subtle here, the British National Party at its core is not thinking of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales), bore from watching its economic and political decline on a global scale. I can understand that, despite disagreeing.

Or, it may just be that in a modern world there is still room for people who just dislike their fellow man. I can understand that too, despite thinking it disgusting.

Whatever the case, I do hope that people will make the correct choice – and vote for what they believe in.

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