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Causeway Rebels, mixin’ with the Trebles


February 5, 2016 | No comments

Team Fresh

May 31, 2011 | No comments

…it’s been a long weekend, a long week, em.

Right, February is over. Wow.

Well, practically.

I was so pleased to bump into James Lyttle (and you Adam, ya’ wee dote) at Kasper Rosa’s celebratory party last Thursday. It has been too long and, well – as I’m sure you all know by now relationships are important to me. I really just cannot wait to hear the new MojoFURY album, it is going to be fucking played to the death in my general area for a long time to come.

It’s occurred to me recently how life is transitioning, moving (no pretension of direction mind) quick at present. Things are happening, bands are growing, people are growing (sometimes a little too quickly for their own good).

It is, as always, interesting to observe.

So, I’ll be updating and reorganising this entire blog (or well, my big bit of it – the contributions section is just dapper the way it is) over the next few days to try and give the multitude of rambles on here some sort of, order. Even going so far as deleting some old and quite frankly shit postings.

Since the start of the year, I’ve started writing (as I’ve probably made you aware of by now in that insufferable way – by choking you loquaciously*) for both The Unsigned Guide and Tolling For The Mute – as well as been pressing ahead with this ‘big scary’ collaborative art/photography exhibition with Andrew Dunbar and now with the creative force that is Graham Smith. Things are still being worked on, very loosely at this stage still – and when is art not – but we will hopefully have brought the project to fruition before the Summer is out.

Plans are afoot, as, they, say.

Secondary to all of that, it’s been a busy month, lots of being out and about with the camera, as I do – so many times in fact that I am a bit shocked. The oul’ uncluttered desktop does not look quite so uncluttered as it once did, laden with folders as it is. Though effectiveness still remains.

Also, I was given a very warming mention in the latest issue of GO Belfast (hit up page 36) magazine as one of their ‘Ones To Watch’ for 2011 (alongside friend, and phenomenal street artist Marian Noone) on the creative front. So, em, watch out.

That was pretty cool, thanks Jenni.

Having said all of that, I promise to have updated all of my recent work over the next few days, from Cashier No.9 at the Ulster Hall, through to the wonderful little Eatenbybears who have the potential to really make some serious sound-waves if they build on what they’ve put into action so far.

…oh and check this out.

*thanks Mickey.

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Team Fresh

…at RADAR two years ago.

January 20, 2011 | No comments

Andrew Dunbar

January 19, 2011 | No comments

Team Fresh

October 14, 2010 | No comments

…much like this time last year, RADAR evolved (evolution of audience is a nice way to describe it I think, not devolved…) into a riot when the North coast troop took to the stage, a set that defined their continued tightening into some form of efficient audience destroying monster.

As each gig progresses the number of voices shouting back every line of their lyrics at them is steadily increasing.

Proud to see it happen.

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Andrew Dunbar

September 9, 2010 | No comments

Team Fresh

…fantastic work as always from Will McConnell.

September 7, 2010 | No comments

This, is the start of what is ‘Crystal Blue In Other Wavelengths‘. A snippet into what is being planned…

…of what will hopefully be the bulk of my work over the next few years as a music photographer if all goes well, in collaboration with several other local artists from here in Northern Ireland such as Andrew Dunbar, Claire McKervey, Don MacGregor, Dave Common, John Quinn, Mickey McCullagh, Ryan Martin, Steven Butler and many more (to name but a few).

On display from 18:00 (this Monday, tomorrow evening at six o’clock) onwards (for just the one night only) will be five photographs from this year’s Glasgowbury Music Festival, showcasing just a few of the moments that happened up the mountain this year.

Also on show sonically will be some of the artists in print, individually playing short acoustic sessions, but best known around Belfast and beyond for playing in such bands as A Northern Light, A Plastic Rose, Chocolate Love Factory, Like Statues, John D’Arcy & The Great Bunch of Lads, Kasper Rosa, Team Fresh and The Rupture Dogs.

More will continue to be added, but so far there are a wonderful set of mixed acoustic maestros, and some audio funmasters…

Slaine Browne (Team Fresh)
John D’Arcy (John D’Arcy & The Great Bunch Of Lads)
Darren Doherty (A Northern Light)
Rory Donaghy (Chocolate Love Factory)
John Ryan McCormick (Kasper Rosa)
Allan McGreevy (The Rupture Dogs)
Ian McHugh (A Plastic Rose)
Clark Phillips (Like Statues)

For more information on each individual band please visit.

This event is of course bring your own, and feel free to do so.

Location:20 Ireton Street

(Just off ‘Botanic Avenue‘ across from ‘Madisons Hotel‘)

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