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by Lauren Carberry

Lauren Carberry has been known for many years to be part woman, part opinion, two parts sugar, one part garlic with a hint of saffron and all baste. Don’t operate any kind of sentient machinery within fourteen feet of her, and beware of her laugh – it’s a distraction.

Glasgowbury As Raw

Early in the day,
Yet a straggle push forward with a definate purpose,
The Rupture Dogs,
One of the first acts,
The sound is still a checking,
The excitement there also,
The barriers have yet to be put up,
In many forms,
Our minds open,
Awaiting the first pure thoughts of the day,
And we are not disappointed,
Scream for us Allan McGreevy,
Poetically but pure,
Drums thrashing with energy,
Base like love thumping hearts,
The crowd thickens regardless of time,
Stopped too soon,
We’ll be coming back for more…

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