Decky Pill

Writings by Declan Pill


by Decky Pill

Decky Pill is a perfectly unstable wave of condensed energy, pulsating at a frequency higher than that of normal life. Some have theorised that he is only visible at night – but studies have shown that he can be seen during the day too.


Pikers creek was a mile away,
The riders had ridden hard all day,
Fifteen on horseback tracked their prey,
As they passed Big Rock and entered the bay.

Shots rang out from the bales of hay
Two riders down one on the way,
The Rangers checked but in the fray,
Oscar Foul Hand got away.

The major, furious at his men,
Demanded they gather in lines of ten,
Battered, poked and split with with a cane,
They were put in a room never to be seen again.


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