A Mote in a Symphony

A Mote in a Symphony

…inspired by, the wonder of the universe.

set thine mind aflame
atop the emotion that run from face in stream
in child, man and woman alike
to tell, to think of how it all begins
let each note tell you the story
the only odyssey that has ever been told
from biggest bang to entropic cold
still soldiering on
reacting, dividing, expanding apart

the chorus
our harmony
of the present day now
is just a fraction of an instant
in universal symphony
a mote in a cloud

of star-dust coming together
gravity taking hold
fusing and brightening
exploding, enlightening, combining, exciting
compacting, imploding, bonding and slowly forming
cooling, whilst life plays its own complex stanza
that has taken us through millennia
until here, now

you and I
specks of matter housed with immense energies
and seemingly endless emotional space
and so many possibilities
the distance between us
so little

fragile our mote, our note in the grand performance
not without meaning
without grace

our moment is here
let it not be a waste


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